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Sarita Retail

What if you are able to operate with significantly reduced working capital (cash employed); at the same time increase your sales in this competitive market.


While you are busy beautifying & enhancing personalities of  end consumers, Sarita Retail focuses on fulfilment of your goal that leads to exponential growth.

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Top 6 benefits of Sarita Retail



Increase inventory turns

Report on fast movers and slow movers which will enable to prioritize the display space that leads to more sales


Reduction in lost sale

Smartly manages inventories v/s availability that results into significant reduction in lost sales and mark downs


Robust Information system

Information readilly and reliably available that will help you take decision and act effectively.



Avalibility of fresh designs

Only products that customers loves are offered; inventory is always fresh and relevant


Effective Replenishment system

Demand/sales based  replenishment  rather than forcast replenishment


High mobility

Sarita Retail is based on cloud technology. Thereby gives you access from anywhere across the globe








Sarita Projenir

Do you struggle with time, scope & budget and repeated rescheduling in your projects?

Are your projects deliverable measurements subjective, compounded by human factors?


Sarita Projenir ensures project completion within time, scope and budget which leads to more revenue,

more profit and happy customers.

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Top 6 benefits of Sarita Projenir



Sarita Projenir focuses on completion of projects on or before time.



Actually you can raise profits significantly by implementing Sarita Projenir.


Early completion of projects means, more projects, which means more money. It can increase your profits upto 100%.



Uncertainties in projects are unavoidable. Sarita Projenir provides tools to make the most in those critical situations.


Sarita Projenir is based on Critical Chain Project Management methodology which ensures completion of project as a whole, leaving no room for any incomplete task.



Sarita Projenir manages resources in a way that resources are available for the upcoming tasks.




Sarita Health Care

Is there anything which can challenge the conventional practices and help us maximize patient life expectancy, quality of life & provide safe care at an acceptable cost to society. 


Sarita Health Care develops effectiveness & responsiveness to patient care that leads to an extraordinary experience.....  

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 Benifits of Sarita Health Care



  • Delivers necessary services
  • Manages patient flow effectively
  • Optimizes length of stay
  • Provides accessibility 
  • Reduces delays & errors


  • Optimizes expenses and the hospital’s supply chain of vendor products and services
  • Increases profitability of the organization while maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies and quality processes


  • Minimizes reporting delays through effective & timely process management
  • Enhances decision-making process
  • Provides ample time to spend more on caring for patients and extends reach of services


  • Maximizes clinical efficacy and patient safety, while minimizes costs
  • Synchronizes service centers & physicians’ office by EMR connectivity to support successful outreach services


  •  More than 35 hospitals have achieved phenomenal results
  •   Automation of almost all processes
  •   Significant operational cost reduction
  •   Remarkable reduction in paper work
  •   20-30% reduction in patient wait/queue time
  •   Incredible enhancement in customer delight





Recent News

Sarita Health Care reduced patient wait time by 20%

Sarita Health Care is been successfully implemented  at Yashfeen Hospital, a group having seven hospitals in and around Navsari. We are happy to share that our solution has been able to reduced the wait time of the patient by 20%. Connectivity has improved significantly and waste time is getting eliminated from the system. It is yet to achieve a lot but  this kind of starting resultt  has given Yashfeen, a solid conviction for the solution.

Sarita Retail achieved one more milestone

Sarita Infotech finalized the deal with Vivaah, Silk Museum & Wedding to give retail solution. These are the retail outlets catering to the end-user who are looking for tradtional Indian costume like sarees, bridal wear etc. Most important feature of this software is CRM (customer relationship management).  

Our Blog

Hospital Management Information System

Hospital management information system is primarily meant to improve the services, efficiency, and quality of healthcare to the respective patients. Sarita Infotech helps in optimizing and enhancing quality as well as effectiveness of general and clinical management of hospital. Several key data are retrievedinstantly, which are helpful to consultant doctor to manage the patient in much better way as they can see result based on various test from Laboratories & Radiology. Proper drug can be managed, as constantindication is displays to doctors based on patient’s history.

Sarita Healthcare offers several management tools based on Theory of Constraints that can eliminate the waste time and increase efficiency of the systems. All vital Information residing in the system, which can be readily, retrieved to help in making Decisions are at the fingertip of doctors. This will for sure improve any Healthcare processes in a more Effective Way. 

Benifits of Hospital Management Software

Hospitals are one of the most essential areas of a town and so it has to be managed in a very efficient way. The modernization of information technology has created easiness in each and every area including medical sector such as hospitals managements. The Hospital management software is easy to sustain, cost-effective, scalable and get with effective price.

Hospital management information software (HMIS) are all-inclusive, incorporated systems that can single-handed manage medical, financial, management, and laws related to a hospital and its service handling. Hospital management is a complicated task and needs  extensive details support system. In modern time, medical centers or hospitals are intensely reliant on the ability of such techniques to help in the analysis and control, to ensure better wellness services.

This software is basically a computer-based program that facilitates health care organizations to serve people at their best. Real-time data is what these software is able to provide, and this is one of the greatest advantage of an hospital management system.

This HMIS software targets at handling all the factors of a hospital and cover areas like registration, OPD, medical records, inpatients, outpatients, stock of drugs and other material, physicians in charge, arranging of doctor responsibilities, lab and other records.

Listed below are the key benefits of hospital management software:-

Such software has features that allow the users to modify the details of the various patients and doctors and incorporate security features that prevent misuse of the stored information. This software allows the users:

·                     to check the occupancy level at any point of time

·                     the number of doctors and other staff on duty

·                     to view the treatment being provided to any specific patient and his medical history

·                     to check the payments made by a patient and the amount due in his/her name

·                     to view and print the medical reports of patients

·                     to prepare various types of accounting reports

·                     to check the billing status of various patients

Testimonials - What Our Clients Say

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