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As an enterprise, we exist to aspire and enable organization in fulfilling their goals through an effective solution that offers robust performance. And in the process leave them with more clarity & excellence, leading to an incredible customer experience that lasts forever.

Enable faster decision by utilizing power of information

Raise confidence in managing operations with mobility

Eliminating waste time & data breach

Reducing cost of operation & increase profits

Reliable support & quick response in break down

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Customers who took advantage of our offerings are left with a newfound effectiveness in fulfilling those matters that are important to them- whether making more money on-goingly, achieve sustainable growth, increment in market share, enhancing cohesiveness among employees, enriching customer’s experience, stand out as most respectable organization & being leader, etc.


While most of these digital screens run with pen drives or rudimentary software , the need of the hour is customizable cloud based solution that help the marketing team centrally control and deliver consistent messaging across all the stores, with just a click of a button.This is precisely where our patented product inteLisa, backed by next generation cutting-edge Internet of Things and AI-driven cloud based digital signage solution manages your operations seamlessly.

Powered by
Ai & IOT technology
Gesture Control & Impressions Monitoring

Sarita Healthcare

The increased adoption of tele-health, hospital management information system, electronic health records and web-based services has expanded digital patient data, demanding the deployment of robust IT infrastructure in Indian healthcare industry.

Sarita Healthcare have been shortlisted by editorial board of leading IT media company to be honoured as “20 Most Promising Hospital Information System(HIS) Providers”.

Increases Responsiveness To Patient Care
Resource Synchronization

Sarita Nimble

While most of the yarn exporters processes their export order & documentation through an excel or a basic software , the need of the hour is dedicated solution that helps the export team centrally control and manage consistent export orders and documentation with ease. 

This is precisely where our product Sarita Nimble, an export management software helps you manage your operations right from order to payment realization, seamlessly.

Export Order Management
Document & License Management