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10 Ways Digital Signage is Helping the Healthcare Practice

Digital signage can be a revolutionary tool in healthcare, providing support to staff and patients in their processes of helping and healing. You can engage patients, improve your health programs, and create a productive, efficient, and effective environment. 

Interactive kiosks, touch screen portal, interactive wayfinding tools, video screens, digital information boards, custom video production, and private label television are some of the digital signage tools you can use to enhance the healthcare experience. 

Equipped in a two-pronged strategy, let us look at how digital signage makes both the staff and the patients help those in need. 


Reduces Strain on Human Resources 

Millenia ago, someone invented the wheel so they wouldn’t have to walk long distances. Someone invented the microwave so we could heat food. More people invented the airplane so we could fly long distances. Since time immemorial, technology has been minimizing human effort. And digital signage will do the same. Why waste humans on scheduling and appointments when you can have digital tools that do the same in half the time, with half the effort? 

Staff Training 

Doctors come out of med-school knowing virtually nothing about their jobs’ practical component. With digital signage, you can create videos and infographics to help train doctors and other employees. Tools like these ensure a standardized teaching quality without putting too much strain on human resources. They would have to do record procedures and other teaching material once. After they hand them over to their employees, their job is over. 

Organizing Care

You can utilize digital tools for more than scheduling. And you can use it to organize internal information and improve internal communication. You can use it to share information about client intakes, rotation, and patient status. You can use it to take care of staff scheduling, share location, take care of in-patient and out-patient, and make sure that everyone is on the same page at all times. 

Delivers Emergency Information

It is crucial that information spread rapidly from one department to another in a hospital. It is quite literally a matter of life and death. With digital signage tools, you can sync information and make sure that all persons involved are updated with the most recent information like blood tests, ECG, X-Rays, MRIs, etc. It is incredibly extremely valuable in terms of emergencies like a fire. With digital signage, you can have one centralized platform that disseminates information. 

Highlight Awareness Initiatives

A healthcare institution can have many health awareness initiatives. It can be for breast cancer awareness week, mental health awareness, and the like. In these situations, digital signage can be a beneficial tool to spread awareness–both about the event and the message in itself. These digital screens are simple and easy to operate to change as it you please to promote whatever initiatives you have on the agenda that week or month. 


Decreasing Hallway Congestion

As you know, hospitals can be a claustrophobic place. With sick patients and worried family members and friends, hospital hallways can get incredibly crowded. It can cause undue mayhem and panic, making a conducive environment for healing. Thus, using interactive wayfinding tools can help patients find their way. It also reduces worry and confusion in patients and concerned visitors. It helps decrease foot traffic, and aids staff members get to where they need to go without too much resistance.  

Improving Waiting Room Experiences

Hospitals and long waiting times are synonymous with each other. We have all experienced it, and it is a dismal situation. Unless–you use digital signage. 

With digital tools, the waiting room experience can be more bearable. You can create attractive signage that broadcasts live TV networks, news, entertaining and informational videos, etc. Engaging digital signage can distract patients, help them feel better, and make waiting smoother.  

 But aside from providing entertainment, screens can also project estimated wait times and queue number. Things like this help give certainty and make sure patients trust their healthcare providers. 

Spread Health-Related Awareness

Apart from broadcasting entertainment, doctor’s offices can also share valuable information about health and wellness, treatment procedures, and medical advice. Small gestures like this can help alleviate stress and provide peace of mind to their patients. It can go a long way in establishing connectivity and fostering loyalty and trust between doctors and patients. 

Creates Connection to Staff

In the case of long recovery times after complex surgeries and terminally ill patients, you will have to get to know many hospital staff involved in your treatment. Doctors, surgeons, more doctors, a rotation of nurses are all part of the deal. And establishing supportive contact is an essential part of their jobs. With digital signage, this can become easy. It allows hospital staff to introduce themselves to the patients and let patients know them. And it fosters trust–which is crucial if you want the patient to enable you to make life-saving decisions. It also helps build a stronger team and have a more effective relationship with the patient. 

Communicate with Loved Ones

Digital signage is not just for doctor-patient communication. It can be precious to connect patients with their families and loved ones. They can talk to each other, and visitors can get regular updates and information to alleviate their anxiety as they wait for their loved ones. It is beneficial when visitors are not allowed into the patient’s room post exhaustive surgeries or in the case of infectious diseases. We have seen how even the slightest bit of contact can go a long way in the pandemic era. 

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