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As we approach the post-pandemic phase in the new year, digital signage solutions will play a significant role in keeping students, teachers, staff secure as schools begin to open and resume work as usual and digital signage for schools will play an important for.

Digital signage, in its versatility, can offer a whole host of applications that will help both students and teachers in their responsibilities. Let us look at some of the ways digital signage can help. 

Screening Tools

Picture this: a school has over five hundred children. Standing at the doors at seven-thirty A.M, she slowly takes the temperature of everyone who enters the building, squeezing a dollop of sanitizer into their palms before sending them on their hands. She does this efficiently for the first hundred children, but she gets tired. So, what about the four hundred kids left? They rush into school as the bell is just about to ring and hurry their way to their first class. Most of the children slide past the nurse. And she’s already swamped with enough kids to notice the ones that slip away. 

Now, picture the same situation with digital signage and monitored kiosks. Children can screen themselves with thermal screening tools, stand in front of the sanitizer kiosk, and be on their way to their classrooms. With at least three self-administering kiosks at the entrance, screening would be efficient, time-saving, and decrease manual labor and error. 

Navigation and Social Distancing

Now, imagine this: you are new at school. You don’t know where your classes are, where the library is, or where the canteen is. You are too intimidated to ask your peers, all of them wearing masks and utterly inaccessible to you. Where do you go? Who do you ask? Everyone already seems so busy enforcing safety protocols. Teachers and staff, too, probably do not want to be overwhelmed with questions about navigations. 

And now, in the middle of everyone’s, there is an impromptu check-up for the children. Nurses are preparing swabs to administer the RT-PCR test, too busy with the process to check if people are maintaining social distancing rules. 

Question one: Who do you rely on to make sure the students are safe and responsible? 

Question two: Why do you have to rely on anybody at all? Why not technology share responsibility?

By using digital signage, you can cut down the confusion of navigation. Just put down some screens and trust students to find their way. Similarly, with arrows lit up for them every six feet, digital signage can enforce social distancing with no hassle. It streamlines the more menial tasks, allowing educational institutions to focus on the children’s truly matters. 

Digital signage makes life so much easier? It is the future; it is the life raft that saves the anchor that keeps us grounded and us. So, why not use it?


Teaching cannot happen without communication. Unless teachers effectively communicate ideas and concepts, and students are being receptive and engaging with them, we cannot say education is taking place. 

As we try to figure out the best ways of communicating in the post-COVID era, it has become evident that digital signage might be one of the best tools for the job. It makes communication more effective by finding more interactive ways to engage students. Digital signage is easy to use, understand, and preserve social distancing in large settings like educational institutions. By projecting essential information when nothing is a given, digital signage also helps keep students and teachers updated and enforces protocols directly and straightforwardly. 

Since digital signage requires virtually no upkeep, it also comes a long way in administering contactless solutions. With voice-enabled controls and QR technology, we can continue as usual without sacrificing people’s safety. 


With the panic of COVID-19 essentially shut us down for months and remote learning slowly pulling children back into education, there is no denying that students have missed out on a lot. Remote learning has been less than satisfying for most students, allowing for a lag in education. As schools slowly reopen again, teachers are hopeful they can bridge the gap. 

But how does digital signage play into this? 

Using digital signage as a medium of instruction should be routine practice. But its need is much more urgent in this post-pandemic period as children are struggling to hold onto concepts. With digital signage, teachers can illustrate concepts better. It is more interactive, animated, and visual, which works to many students’ advantage.

When it is up on the screen for students’ consumption, students can take their own time in memorizing the details while they go about understanding and implementing it. 

Furthermore, teachers can begin with a particular chapter or concept’s barebones, putting them up on the screen and moving on, discussing the idea at length, and clarifying the particulars. With digital signage, the focus of education will be on understanding rather than memorizing. 

As exams loom in the distance, students are more panicked and afraid than usual; digital signage also allows for more revision. As a bonus, digital signage’s flexibility can also make this revision more creative, personalized, and student-oriented. 

As you can see, digital signage for schools will transform the medium of instruction. We should embrace this change, even—and, especially—when we don’t have to worry about a pandemic anymore. 


Digital signage is a powerful, empowering, and cost-effective way to help educational settings adjust to the new normal and conduct themselves as required post-pandemic. With digital signage, we can not only reopen schools, but we can do it safely and successfully, achieving great things in the process. These solutions quickly adapt to the existing settings and their systems to make sure we lose no time reopening educational institutions. Perhaps, there are other options than digital signage, but none will ever come close to its brilliance, flexibility, and effectiveness. 

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