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We all know what digital signage is, even if we don’t know what it is. If you’ve been out since after the lockdown, you’ve probably seen digital signage around. If you’ve been outside before, too, you would have probably seen a sign or two. But, let’s be honest—who remembers a time before the pandemic? We only long for the vague idea of it. 

Digital signage is those large digital advertising screens in the airport. They are the check-in kiosks at the movie theatre and McDonald’s menu screens. And if you’ve been to a fancy mall—they usually have maps that show the layout of the place and display what is on each floor. Yes, that is digital signage, too. 

For those who want a more technical definition, digital signage refers to the use of screens to present visual or multimedia content, usually for informational and advertising purposes. 

And these days, it’s everywhere. So much so that you can make a game out of it to amuse yourself or your child. But why? What makes it so appealing?

Well, digital signage has endless applications. With little effort, you can use it to fit any need. In the coming years, it will be at the forefront of marketing and advertising. It is so malleable, literally a blank screen for your creativity, that you can do anything with it. 

But, if you’ve been around long enough, nothing seems like a new idea anymore. The creative block is real, and it hits like a freight train. So, here are some relatively unique ideas to inspire you. 

Get to Know the Staff

If you’re one of those businesses that like to create a familial sentiment among your customers, this is a constructive tip for you. The first thing about family: they need to know each other. So, to strengthen bonds, you could display your staff on signage with a small bio about who they are. It helps customers get to know who is working for them. It also lets customers interact with them more and listen to what they have to say. For instance, let’s say you launch a new product. You want to attract them and buy it from you. Isn’t it much likely that they will buy it from someone they feel like they know than some nameless, faceless staff member? And if you decide to showcase the Employee of the Month on those screens, isn’t it possible that your customers would give their opinions more weight? 

Small gestures like this help create strong bonds and even a community with time. It will keep your customers loyal to you, and perhaps, it will make sure you’re faithful to them, as well. 

Answer Questions 

Customers always have plenty of questions about a company, its products, goals, and plans. Chances are, they’re not going to look up your website once they step outside of your company or store. So, you can have a screen addressing FAQs to help your customers know you better. If you want them to know you’re supporting a cause, tell them. If your customers want to know when a product is coming back on the shelf, tell them. If your customers are confused about the discounts you offer or what comes under the Buy 1 Get 1 Free banner, you can put it up on the board. 

Using digital signage can simplify your customers’ communication process while making it more personal and engaging. It also makes you seem more dependable, transparent, and forthcoming about the brand and the business. 

If you want to take it one step further, you can also have a separate screen for the staff in their own space, so managers can convey information and announcements with ease and keep them updated about changes. 

 Entertain Your Customers 

You know when you’re sitting in a waiting room or standing in a long queue scrolling through your phone idly, unseeing, wishing something other than an unremarkable action movie would come on screen to help you keep awake? Yes, we’ve all been there.  

Maybe you want to throw them a bone and change it to one of your advertisements, and you realize that doesn’t help the situation, either. Well, if you’re a big company with big endorsements from movie actors and music artists, you should play their movies or music videos, for sure. It is a subtle way of marketing—you’re still staying on message while keeping them entertained. Also, who wouldn’t want to tap their foot to BTS as they wait around? 

Is Digital Signage for you?

But what if you’re not a big company? What if you don’t have any endorsements? Well, you can still put on music, but it would probably be more useful to make use of that time in a more effective way. It is a new opportunity to be as creative as you please. Perhaps you could create an animation film with a crafty product placement that impresses your customer. Maybe you want to make an absurd SNL comedy skit–go crazy! Or you want to cater to children and display a fun Spot the Difference Game or make comic strips that entertain them—do that!

Final Thought!

When you think outside the box, your customers will reward you for it. They want someone who can make them laugh and forget about everything, even if it is for a few minutes. When you go above and beyond for them, they will make sure they return the favor in any way they can. 

You can transform digital signage into anything you want it to be, as we’ve seen. Nothing is too impossible. If you can think of it, chances are, you can do it again. These are only some of the ways you can appeal to the masses. There are plenty more that probably haven’t even been thought of yet, waiting for you to conceptualize it. Trust us: the possibilities indeed are limitless. 

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